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Never have to trim your lawn edge again! This innovative lawn edging means you can mow right over the edge of the specially designed 6.3cm mowing strip, so you do not have to trim the edge as well.

Made from durable polypropylene in a traditional Victorian rope edge design, the pack contains 10 tiles. Each tile is 23cm long, and can be easily cut to any length using a fine tooth saw.

Suitable for any straight edge or gently curved section of lawn.

Quantity: Pack of 10
Dimensions: L23 x W13cm
There is further 10cm spike which goes into ground.
Rope height: 4cm
Spike part is under rope part.

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Terrible product by Janey on 2 July 2019

Bought this last year, if you have a perfect flat garden without stones in soil it will fit ok. Kept springing apart, we had to glue gun it to keep it together, what a palaver. Then, within 10 days of it being fitted the sun bleached the colour out of it and we were left with this horrid mustard coloured edging. Greenfingers did however give me a full refund. It’s not fit for purpose in my opinion.

by Andrea Speak on 11 July 2018

Do not buy these lawn edgings as they are not fit for purpose. We bought these to edge the existing lawn around our static caravan as an econmical edging for a large run. They come in short lengths, and the idea is that they overlap, which they do. The first problem is there are no interlocking clips to join them together to keep them in line. The second issue is that the flat part that is meant to lie on the grass does not lie flat. Underneath the flat part are two plastic pins which are nowhere near long enough to actually penetrate the grass, because the thickness of the flat part means that hits the grass first, leaving possibly about 5-8mm of the pin to penetrate. But it wont actually penetrate into the surface because they are non clicked together, so they wobble around and the flat part just pokes up all over the place. Third problem is the plastic retaining part that is meant to go into the ground which sits under the actual twisted edging, is so weak that if it hits any hard ground it snaps off, and the ground would have to be soaking wet to actually get it into ground straight, if the ground is dry or hard soil, it will not go in straight, and you cannot use a rubber mallet as it just breaks. It is IMPOSSIBLE to lay a straight line of these, because the retaining part will simply not go in the ground at the same angle or the same depth everytime. You only need a very small difference to make the whole thing look a complete mess. Despite spending hours on this, i got 2 peices to look ok, the rest was just a complete mess. Fourth problem is that even when you manage to get two or more to stay together, once you run the mower wheel over the flat part, they just move, wobble and pop up and are just a tiresome mess. The only way to get a perfect finish is to have an absolutely flat lawn, dig an open trench, and concrete them in place.

Lawn edging by AStaffs on 4 July 2018

This is quite ‘plastic but good value when we are trying to do a large overhaul of the garden with little money to spare.

Good lawn edging. by Colin F on 24 April 2018

Easy to fit and cut, looks the part when finished.

It did the job2 by Louise on 8 May 2016

I needed to tidy up a muddy area outside my chicken pen which leads onto my lawn. The trim holds in the Cotswold stones that i scattered over the area and mowing is easy as the wheels of the mower travel over the edging so I don't have to strim now. The only drawbacks I find that they are quite fragile and if the soil isn't well dug over the prongs tend to snap and they are quite difficult to shape round curves. However, for what I paid , I'm extremely happy with this product as it more than did the job and looks the part. I'm ordering more for the rest of my flower beds!

by P. CHOUNTAS on 29 April 2016


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