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The product works based on the territorial chain in the cat kingdom, when your mischievous neighbourhood moggy smells that the king of the jungle has been passed it thinks twice before entering the confines of your garden.

This great lion roar product is based on pellets which have been soaked in the real essence of lion dung.

In addition to its cat repellant properties, Silent Roar is a nitrogen based fertiliser which helps leaves to grow and keeps them luscious.

Silent Roar is great for the environment as it has no harmful chemicals in it and an application of this fabulous deterrent will be effective up to three months.

For best results remove previous cat mess and replace with silent roar pellets. If the cats continue to come back just keep playing them at their own game by removing mess and laying pellets. The idea is that the cats won’t want to compete with a larger predator for their territory. It is best to wear gloves to stop human scent being transferred to the pellets. 0.5kg

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good value by Jacqueline Linford on 30 November 2018

the product arrived very quickly and proved to be as good as I had been told by a frioend

Cat repelent great value by Satisfied on 14 October 2016

Silent roar has exceeded my expectations not a cat in sight!

it works it really does. by freya on 8 April 2015

I was so fed up with the constant smell of cat litter, in and on my front lawn, I had used many different tactics, but none had worked. I then saw this and tbought hard, but so glad I bought it. As I have not had one moggy on my garden doing their ablutions. They come sniff, but do not stay. I am well pleased.

Next best thing to actually having a Lion by Michelle M on 17 February 2015

Want to keep cats from ruining your lovely garden Well this stuff will do the job just nicely The pellets will ensure your grass is cat poo free for around 23 months You will know its time to reapply when little gifts appear from your friendly neighbourhood cat Ive found these pellets also deter foxes Great value great service I wont buy from anywhere else Ill only stop using this stuff the day I finally get a pet Lion

Brilliant by CMorrison on 13 May 2011

This product has been a god send, no more neighbours cat's in the garden & no more "presents" on the path for us in the morning.

Good stuff by GP on 17 March 2011

I've applied the product to seed beds etc. after digging and preparing. Usually all the local moggies use my seed beds as a loo but silent roar seems to have stopped them. A few feline footprints appeared after the first application, but no digging holes. Second application plus a light sprinkling over aother areas in the garden and we're virtually cat free. No need to buy that twlve bore.


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