50m Smartedge Flexible Lawn Edging - Black - H14cm


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10m x 14cm


The easy way to create neat, shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it, forming a permanent, structural, and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over, right to the edge. Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed, removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders.

Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade. Supplied complete with instructions and biodegradable securing pins used to attach the edging whilst it binds into the lawn. When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame.

This 50m pack has 1200 A sections and 450 pins.
Height 14cm x Thickness 1.9mm


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Great product - hard work by Sonja on 5 September 2019

The product was delivered promptly and is heavy duty and sturdy. I agree with other reviews that the pins bend too easily. I would definitely recommend thoroughly watering the edge of the border in dry conditions which makes digging and fitting the edging to the right depth easier. I bought a 50m roll hoping to fit one long piece of edging along the border. However, my lawn goes up and downhill and I found it impossible to get the edging flush with the lawn without cutting it where this happened. By overlapping the edging slightly where I did have to cut, I hope I’ve got a good finish. When the grass grows through, I’m sure the edge will look good - much better than it was.

Be prepared by Brian on 8 July 2019

Having read others reviews I decided to go ahead. On receiving product and trying to use it i understood why some reviewers had had problems. However with a bit of thought as to how to make best use and easiest fitting it all comes together pretty well. The whole job is a little heavy going but the results are well worth the effort. Read the instructions carefully and be prepared to try and then re-start if necessary. Good luck and enjoy the reults

Good product by Icelander on 3 June 2019

Worth the effort to put in correctly, as per instructions. Hopefully will last for years. Very happy with the result. Excellent service and very prompt delivery.

Not as easy as it looks by BF on 26 April 2019

My garden in fairly big and so I bought 110m of this lawn edging with the aim of not having to maintain the edges again and to stop the ground cover plants creeping their way into my lawn. Having watched a video of how to install it, I thought it would take at most a couple of days to install. Wrong! It is necessary to make sure that there is a channel at least 14cm depth at the side of the border to install the edge. My garden is mostly clay with a fair number of stones and as a result, I was lucky to get any more than about 20m of edging laid in a day. Many of the pins go in fine, many of them bend and can't be used. You will probably need more pins than come in the pack, but not many more. Sometimes it was helpful to cut the pins in half and just use a half pin. Once it was installed I then had to back fill on both sides (lawn and border) with soil and reseed the lawn side. My overall view is that this lawn edging will look good by the time that the grass has grown through the A-frame pieces but it was much harder to install than I thought it would be.

A very good product by peterw6057 on 28 June 2018

The Smartedge is a very good product that arrive 3 days earlier than expected. I found it a little tricky to use in the very dry conditions, but once I watered the ground and dug a trench to the depth of the edge then filled in and then pinned made a good finish. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Hard work by Colin on 26 June 2018

Don't underestimate how difficult this edging is to install. It takes a lot of hard work to prepare the ground and don't think for one minute that the edging will look like the photo.....it religiously follows the shape of the lawn edge...and meandering in the lawn edge will lead to the edging flexing in the same way....not an attractive finish. Now moving on to the fixing pins...absolutely rubbish. Nowhere near enough supplied with the edging and they bend and snap with the slightest pressure. And when you need to buy more (which you will) the price and postage are an absolute rip off. Having now installed nearly 50 metres of this stuff I would never buy it again


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