Terra Tomato Growhouse Mini Greenhouse - W3ft x D1.5ft



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Designed to fit over a standard growbag, this Terra Tomato Growhouse can also be used for protection of other plants. The roll-up front panel ties at the top for easy access or ventilation to protect your tomato plants against excessive heat. For best results, place it in a sheltered, sunny spot in your garden or on your patio and use a growbag with cane supports.

Manufactured with a robust green tubular steel frame and a tear resistant polyethylene cover, this tomato growhouse is easy to assemble and the entire cover can be easily removed for cleaning or storage.

Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 150cm high

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Plants love it by Kdssrk on 2 October 2019

Easy to put together for 1 person. Covering looks fairly strong but time will tell.

Just the right house. by Graham on 19 April 2019

Just what I need for my tomatoes thanks.

Too lightweight by SW121 on 21 October 2017

I should have heeded other people's reviews of this item on here and on other websites. It is ok quality in itself, but the design is poor. The lightest breeze meant it lifted up and flew down the garden, causing havoc. It turned over all the things that were supposed to be weighing it down and the other plant pots inside. It was as sheltered as possible without being completely inside my garage. I decided to give it another go but stronger winds caused it to take off once again even though it had the house wall on one side of it, a 5ft fence against the back of it, and a wheelie bin on the front and the other side, with the wheels over the metal frame. The bins were overturned and sadly the item did not survive. It's a nice idea but it doesn't work in anything other than still weather or a very very light breeze in my opinion.

Does the job by wdrodgers on 20 March 2017

With a little care this tomato grow-house will give you years of happy growing.

do just what i want them for by lindasteve on 9 March 2017

I think they will be fine for tomatoes and cucumbers I have a small garden so no space for a green house

Great value BUT... by RhGom on 30 June 2016

While accepting that this item is very reasonably priced, I do feel on using it that it has some easily rectified design faults. If situated in an open area (i.e. without its back to a wall) as we have it here, it is affected by the slightest breeze. We had to anchor it by placing pieces of wood across the base, and laying the growbag on top, as well as using pegs over the base of the frame front and back. This could be avoided by having a pierced plastic base sheet on which to lay the growbag. Also,in an area of high rainfall as we have here, the top fills with water very easily, even though I have used string to keep the plastic above a certain level on the canes and so create a run-off for rainwater. This could be rectified by shaping the top rails to form a ridge so that water could flow down on either side. I accept that this would make the item more costly.


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