Neudorff Superfast & Long Lasting Weedkiller Concentrate - 1 Litre




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This concentrated Neudorff Superfast & Long Lasting Weedkiller is sufficient for up to 180m² of individual weed treatment. It is a very effective, environmentally friendly product to combat both weeds and grasses that works right down to the roots with visible results within 1 day after treatment.

Suitable for use in gardens or on allotments, this biodegradable weed killer works against a broad range of weeds including goutweed, field horsetail, meadow grass, dandelion, clover, stinging nettle, chickweed, chamomile, speedwell, buttercup, creeping thistle, mosses and algae.

It is effective at low temperatures and can be used from early spring until late autumn ensuring control during the entire weed growth cycle. The leaves should be dry when being treated otherwise the plants are not able to absorb the active ingredient as effectively.

With problem weeds such as ground elder and field horsetail, you should repeat the application around four to six weeks later. Ground elder, in particular, should be at least 10cm when treated so that there is the largest possible leaf surface available in order for Neudorff Superfast & Long Lasting Weedkiller to be absorbed and to act optimally.


  • Contains 186.7 g/l Perlagonic Acid
  • Contains 30 g/l Maleic Hydrazide
  • Concentrate
  • Biodegradable

    Quantity : 1 litre – dilutes to make almost 6 litres

    Use pesticides/herbicides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Un beatable by Christie on 17 April 2019

The only weed killer worth using.

excellent by Keith Evans on 23 June 2017

Product great .

Good Stuff by Vic H on 11 September 2014

Very clear and detailed instructions for use Clearly begins working within 48Hrs Effective against moss as well as grass and other weeds how long lasting it will be remains to be seen but all the other claims made I can already fully endorse


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