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This Westland Lawn Sand is a tried and tested way to control moss and keep your lawn looking lusciously green.


This lawn sand can be used year round to help keep moss at bay, while also feeding the lawn, giving you greener, lush, results.

  • Year round treatment.
  • Kills moss in days.
  • Greener and thicker results.

Use Westland Lawn Sand as a traditional treatment to give you a healthier, greener moss-free lawn which you can take a pride in, and which will complete the overall look of your garden.

Coverage: 200m2

Contents: 16kg

Feeding Recommendations: Year round. Do not apply on wet or damp grass or in frost or drought conditions.

Customer note: Contains Ferrous Sulphate. Use pesticides safely and read the label.

Where to use:

  • Apply only to established turf/ lawns. DO NOT use on newly sown lawns or newly laid turf until established for at least twelve months.
  • Drift: DO NOT allow the product to contact the foliage of neighbouring vegetation.

WARNING: If split on paving, slabs, tiles, decking or clothes/shoes etc., brush off immediately to avoid staining or discolouration. Do not wash surfaces clean as this can cause staining. Take care not to walk on the treated lawn, as walking the granules onto a patio, decking or into the house may stain.

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Appears to be doing it job by John V on 12 April 2019

Spread the product on the lawn about 12 hours before the rain came. Moss has gone black and the grass appears to be growing well. Time will tell whether or not we have completely killed the moss.

Lawn Sand by Nairnite on 7 April 2017

Good value for the money, easy to spread and results are good.


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