Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche - 100cm



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The Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche is an attractive, lightweight growing cover that has a generous height for larger plants and adjustable air vents.

Made from strong, rigid UV plastic this cloche is long lasting and features adjustable vents on both ends to customise airflow for your plants. An intricate spiral handle is both decorative and practical, making it easy to transport the cloche anywhere.

Ideal for growing herbs under cover, protecting salads, nurturing seedlings and bringing on young plants. The cloche helps to retain moisture as well as giving weather and pest protection to promote quick and healthy growth.

Dimensions: W100 x D45 x H35cm

Contains: 4x galvanised steel ground pegs to keep it in place.

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Impossible to erect and use by Graham on 10 May 2018

It took two of us to completely unsuccessfully try and build this. the curved plastic section, it would appear, is impossible to slot into he end pieces.. I would choose something else if I were you!

Greenfingers Says: Thank you for your review. I can see my colleague has spoke to you and resolved the issues with this product. Kind Regards Greenfingers Customer Care

very good by ELAINESHERRATT on 9 August 2017

although a very tricky thing to put together works very well

wished I hadn't bought it by Deana on 22 July 2017

Wanted to protect my strawberries but wished I hadn't bothered with this thing. for the price it was I didn't think I'd have to assemble it, which is too hard on your own. I can't hold it open and screw it up. must be better options around.

Greenfingers Says: Thank you for your review. I have emailed you regarding this issue. Kind Regards Greenfingers Customer Care.

Great value, but........ by chrismccombe123 on 26 April 2017

I think if I had known what a faff it was to construct this , I would not have bought it. However,I have rated it highly because, now that it's complete, it's a great cloche- heavy enough to stay in position in high winds, but light enough to carry. Very sturdy, too. You do need two people to assemble it,though.

a pain to assemble by Hannah Burden on 8 April 2017

A complete pain to assemble this. The main plastic cover of the cloche comes rolled in a tight coil and all it wants to do is spring back again as you try to unroll it and feed it into the narrow slot around the end piece. Also the screw holes in the plastic don't seem to quite line up as well as they should with the corresponding holes in the metal, making tightening the screws difficult. We definitely needed 2 people for this. Fingers and tempers were strained! The plastic is thin and the whole thing very light. This might be an advantage for some. It is a bit more flimsy than I imagined from the picture and could blow away in gusty winds if not pegged down well. Time will tell whether it will last.

Greenfingers Says: Thank you for the review. I am sorry you had problems with the assembly but as previous people have confirmed once assembled by 2 people it appears to be a great product. Kind Regards Greenfingers Customer Care

Great Product But Difficult To Erect by RTEK on 23 March 2017

The product consisted of a sheet of rolled up clear plastic which had a mind of it's own. It had to be located in a groove around the semi circular shape of the cloche. This is stated as being a two person job and they were not kidding. We put a total of 14 together, with each one presenting it's own obstacles. It was also extremely difficult to locate the positions for many of the screws provided to fix the frame to the plastic. That said, I am very happy with the finished article. It is robust and very light to carry. I would definitely buy more. Thank goodness they only require assembly once.


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