Palram Mythos Twin Wall Glazing Greenhouses

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£249.99 6ft x 4ft

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£274.99 6ft x 6ft

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£309.00 6ft x 8ft

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£379.00 6ft x 10ft

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The Palram Mythos Twin Wall Glazing Greenhouses combine a smart and clean design with affordability,  they have a sturdy aluminium frame that uses twin wall polycarbonate glazing throughout, and is guaranteed to provide years of trouble free growing.

Twin wall polycarbonate glazing is used, as it is light, strong and family safe, as well as being virtually unbreakable. The glazing provides excellent light transmission, over 70%, as well as being 100% UV protective. The 4mm Twin-wall polycarbonate is used on both the roof and walls, providing extra rigidity to the structure, and offering protection from strong sunlight. The polycarbonate used maintains a more even temperature than glass, and will not yellow with age. The panels are also easy to fit, as they simply slide into place and lock, doing away with additional fittings, and providing a flush wind resistant finish.

The frames are a tough, sturdy, aluminium construction with a natural silver finish which will give long lasting durability. The galvanised steel base is included in the price, which makes it easy to place your greenhouse on slabs, or concrete, providing it with a stable platform. Also included is a lockable door handle, and dual rain gutters with a male hose connector that can be utilised for water collection, making your whole greenhouse a very eco-friendly affair. All packs come complete with fittings and instructions.


  • Dimensions are as per individual greenhouse
  • High head room and eaves for improved working space
  • Maintenance free
  • Natural silver aluminium finish
  • Twin wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Aluminuim frame with silver finish

These greenhouses include a roof vent for heat regulation which can be set at a number of positions. Also included is an outward opening door, that can be assembled from the right or left hand side, and comes equipped with a magnetic latch so that it will remain open when you are going in and out with plants, or just want to provide extra ventilation.

The greenhouses are availalbe in the following sizes:

  • 6ft x 4ft
  • 6ft x 6ft
  • 6ft x 8ft
  • 6ft x 10ft


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Could be improved by Joey on 27 June 2019

Came in one box, but heard some users had it in two separate boxes. Which might explain why I had some damaged polycarbonate panels, and damages to frame work where the panels couldn’t slide in unless the frame was forced the gaps to widen with screwdriver to fit. There’s sections mainly roof sections won’t securely lock into place, even studying and attempting. The window does not fit well and leaves gaps around, it may be worth getting rid of window and just sliding the polycarbonate window through frame instead to keep the gaps to a minimal. It could potentially be a good greenhouse, maybe my model had more defects or damages. I don’t think the roof will hold if the winds get serious. As some sections of framework should have normal holes to screw in rather than a slide in hole which always comes out of place, even when tightened. I have had to remove some of the plastic parts that slide in the frame gaps, or the rest of the frames won’t move into place.

Greenfingers Says: Thank you for your review . I have emailed you regarding the issues with this product. Kind Regards Greenfingers Customer Care

by dcharles on 29 April 2019

As long as you stick to the instructions it should be no problem building it, must admit to jumping the gun a couple of times through over confidence! One minor criticism for me is the door latch, in high winds it struggles to hold the door closed, perhaps it should lift up to release or make the mechanism stronger, rather than drop down and run the risk of gravity releasing it for you! Other than that it is a sturdy greenhouse once its all up.

Looks Good by jimbow on 7 March 2019

Ordered on a Saturday and delivered on the following Tuesday. The kit was complete and the instructions appear comprehensive. Am waiting for a weather window to arrive to begin construction which should go well.

Great product by Steve on 28 November 2017

A really good product. Took a bit of common sense in the assembly but all went well.Highly recommended.

Meets all my requirements by John Wilson on 22 November 2017

The greenhouse flat pack was delivered earlier than expected which suited me enormously. I read the instructions which were easy to follow and proceeded to assemble it on my own. I completed in within a day and it is now full of plants being over wintered and sitting pretty in my garden. I am delighted with it and the with the two shelves I also bought with the Greenhouse.

Basic Greenhouse by brizybren on 15 September 2017

For the price of the greenhouse I suppose it is ok, but some of the design is not clear. We have had to use quite a lot of silicone to stop leaks from the bottom. It looks neat now that it is completed. Delivery of the product was excellent.