Ambassador Weed Control Fabric

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Control the weeds in your borders with this easy to use and effective Ambassador Weed Control Fabric.

This sheeting is easy to use and can be used in borders, or on pathways, to prevent those pesky weeds from popping up and spoiling all the hard work you have put into your garden. Simply lay down, cutting out holes for the plants you do want to grow, then cover with bark or chips.

  • Easy to use cost effective weed suppressant.
  • Manufactured from non-woven spun bound polypropylene.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Allows water and nutrients to penetrate soil.
  • Ideal for use under chipped bark, flower beds and borders.
  • Suitable for domestic applications.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.

Use Ambassador Weed Control Fabric to help support the development of your favourite plants and flowers, while keeping weeds at bay. This maximises the impact of your borders, while reducing the amount of effort required to keep things looking their best.

The Weed Control Fabric is available in the following sizes:

  • 50 x 2m
  • 20 x 1m
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Very disappointing by JW on 19 August 2019

The fabric is very thin, almost see through so it is difficult to see how it will prevent weeds coming through unless it is doubled up which obviously means it works out double the price.

Great value by muddy88 on 11 July 2017

It will cover all of our vegetable area and still be some left. Great value.