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Completely eliminate the worry of over or under-watering your plants with a continuous supply of water. These Haxnicks Water Saucers are appropriately designed to work together with an absorbent capillary wick to create a handy self watering system. With one end of the wick inside the plant pot and the other inside the water-filled saucer, the plant can work indepenently drawing up water when it requires as it would if planted in the ground without drowning the compost. Adding liquid feed into the water supply will also allow the plant to self-feed to keep nutrition as well as keep hydrated. The saucers hold a large capacity of water and so the plants can be left for extended periods of time to allow you to relax.

Key Features:

  • Self-watering for potted plants
  • Liquid feed can be added for self-feeding
  • Super absorbent capillary wick
  • Saucer fits comfortably under plant pots

Pair with: 5L Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots

Dimensions: D 210cm x H 10cm

Contents: 4 x Water Saucers

Instructions are as follows:
Before you use the pot for planting, the capillary wick should be threaded half way up the pot through the drainage holes. If no holes exist, these will need to be cut or drilled into the base of your pot. Keep the other end of the wick inside the water saucer which will then be filled with water.

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Not sure yet! by Vren on 10 June 2019

Hi - this product looks really sturdy and made from thick plastic in the picture but it is made of lightweight polycarbonate moulding like fruit is packed in. They weigh 77 grams including the wick so I have some reservations about their ability to cope with the weight of a tomato plant once it is growing well and in fruit and it definitely will not stand up to being dragged anywhere. The concept is brilliant and I would have been over the moon if it was sturdier. I shall reserve judgement for now and will post again in a month to report further.