Rowlinson Heritage Wall Store Bike Shed - W6ft x D2.5ft


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Made from high quality timber finished with a contemporary grey wash and white trim, this Rowlinson Heritage Wall Store - W182cm x D82cm is an attractive yet practical unit. The cladding is weatherproof, ensuring equipment is well protected from the elements and wide opening double doors afford easy access for larger items.

  • Fine sawn vertical tongue and groove cladding
  • Solid board roof
  • Mineral felt roof covering
  • Sturdy hinges
  • Reverse Pent Roof
  • Lockable
  • Made in the UK
  • Dimensions: W182.5 x D82.5 x H164 cm
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Beware! by Fred on 5 July 2018

All-in-all a pretty disappointing purchase. Firstly I found it very confusing as the instructions were completely wrong... the roof came in 2 parts not 3, you need 9 x 50mm screws but actually only 6 are supplied & the supplied door uprights are 1340mm long whereas the instructions state the piece is 1485mm long and because they are too short it leaves a gap. Bizarrely though if a 1485mm piece was provided it would actually be too long as it wouldn’t leave room for the door plate. Also when I received the shed it was practically glued together by sap and paint so now there are big parts that are now stripped of paint where I've had to prize it apart. I phoned the manufacturers directly but they seemed poised for me just to try and get my money back, this wasn't what I was after at all, I just wanted to get the shed built properly with the right parts supplied. Customer services, although courteous once we got over the fact I didn't want financial compensation, sent me out new parts but didn't seem that bothered that their instructions or supplied parts were wrong in the first place so I don't imagine this will get rectified anytime soon. To be fair its a nice looking shed once its up but for the money & hassle I'd look elsewhere if I were you.

Greenfingers Says: We are sorry for the issues you had, and will certainly speak to our supplier regarding the instructions.


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