Mercia Victorian Growhouse - W6ft x D3ft

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Ideal for smaller yards and gardens, this Mercia Victorian Growhouse - W6ft x D3ft features strong styrene glazed windows and a sturdy construction, allowing plants to thrive while keeping tools and other equipment safe and secure. Opening top windows provide ventilation and can be used to control the temperature inside.


  • 12mm shiplap cladding
  • Double doors
  • Shelving
  • Windows are UV treated to prevent cracks and protect plants from harmful rays
  • Pent roof
  • FSC approved timber
  • 10 year manufacturers anti rot guarantee


  • Overall exterior: W175 x D84 x H192 cm
  • Interior: W164 x D73 cm
  • Eaves height: 178cm
  • Double door width: 82cm
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Growhouse gives room for more plants by Fiona on 16 August 2019

As a plantaholic I needed more room for seedlings and young plants in the summer. I will also use it in the winter as protection for tender plants. The growhouse was very good value and within my price range. I read a previous review that was helpful and also pointed out a couple of points regarding quality so I was not disappointed to find some places had rough timber and a less than smooth finish. We followed the advice in the review and secured it to fence posts. I painted the growhouse in Seagrass to match existing items and it was put together for me by a builder. It took several hours to build. My only criticism is that the doors have no handles or doorknobs but that will be easily rectified. The driver who delivered was very helpful. A good product for a good price.

Pretty much what I wnted by Dubbie on 21 September 2018

I bought this build-your-own wooden greenhouse because it is taller than the other more common type. As I am nearly 6ft tall this is important for me although it is still a bit short at 5ft 10 inches. The quality is pretty much as I expected, probably a bit better, although some bits of the wood seem somewhat flimsy. It would have been nice if the wood treatment was better but I am going to treat it again (which is recommended) and paint it myself anyway. I have only assembled the ground foundation rectangle so far and the 60 mm screws are just not long enough (the wood is about 45 mm thick) so I bought some additional 100mm screws. Hopefully all the other screws will be OK. As I bought this to be a mostly decorative item in my garden I am happy to replace hinges and door handles with more attractive ones. It is not that clear about the base needed for this greenhouse so I might have gone a bit overboard. Still, it will not 'sink' into the ground. It does not come with any advice about how to secure it to the ground. As we have just have 50 mph gusts I think I will put two short fence posts in metal spikes joined by a flat plank at the back and screw it to that. It should stop it blowing away. I am very happy with what I have, although a few more 'Victorian' features would have been nice, but I can add those. I might even put a solar panel on the roof for solar powered lighting and as a Christmas decoration in the garden (eventually!). It did take some time to come as it was 'out-of'stock' which I did not find out until I contacted them. I did not mind as I was still building the base. The delivery driver ran out of drive time on the specified day of delivery so we agreed that it could be delivered at 4.00am (yes 4.00am) the next morning. This was fine by me and the driver was very quiet and I didn't hear a thing.


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