Handy Rotary Spreader - 56.8kg

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Need to spread fertiliser or grass seeds over a large area in your garden? This Handy Rotary Spreader has a really large hopper capacity of 56.8kg. This push spreader with steel handlebars is made from durable polypropylene and is excellent for evenly spreading dry, powdered or granulated materials over any reasonably smooth surface in your garden.

It has pneumatic wheels which enables it to cope with rough terrain and an adjustable feed/flow control. It has been specifically designed to be pushed at three miles per hour, which is a brisk walking speed. Slower or faster speeds will change the spread patterns.

Hopper dimensions: 74.9 x 41.9 x 34cm depth
Hopper capacity: 56.8kg
Wheel size: 35.6cm diameter

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Mmmmmmmmm by robertjohns32 on 24 October 2016

Well the first one arrived in half beeten to death box and lots of missing parts But after a phone call I havd a brand new one in 48 hours later Green fingers your the best Thank you Mr johns Johns gardening services


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